Kate| Kelsey |Kenny

DOB: 07/27/1992

Joined Cast: 02/2013-10/2013, 05/2016

Favorite Part to Perform:

Parts Performed:
Riff, Columbia, Eddie, Crim, Trixie, and Transylvanian.

My favorite bands:
The Damned
The Misfits
Alkaline Trio

What Hogwarts House do you belong to?

Favorite AP line?
"hey janet, ive got something to say...." "I killed your baby today"

Favorite Rocky related injury:
ne that were interesting enough to remember, yet.

What is your favorite Rocky Horror Song?
I do not have one.

If there was a movie made of your life, who would play you and why?
Fairuza Balk or Cassandra Peterson.

If you were a food, what would you taste like?
I think i'd taste like warheads or pop rocks.

Sexiest Disney Character?
Hades from hercules was quite the stud.

Favorite Pizza Topping?
Extra cheese.

If you could BE any Pokemon, which one would you be and why?
I do not know enough about pokemon to form an answer to this.

What would you do if Rocky Horror didn't exist?
Well, I probably wouldn't get to run around a theatre in my underwear...