A Mision Statement from
the Friday Nite Specials Cast

While the Friday Nite Specials cast does strive for screen and costume accuracy, this is not what we hold as top priority. Our mission is for you, the audience member, to have the most fun and memorable Rocky Horror experience possible. As we are putting on The Rocky Horror Picture Show for you to enjoy we also like to make it as interactive as possible. Screaming, dancing, laughing and having a good time with friends is what we’re all about and we like to share that with you.

No two Rocky Horror shadow casts perform pre-shows in the same way. Some don’t perform them at all. The Friday Nite Specials cast has become renowned for its original comedy sketches during pre-show and we continue to do this because we firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine and has a great way of bringing us all together. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy doing them.