Upcoming Shows


Come on out and Time Warp with us this and EVERY Friday at Midnight, you never know whats going to happen!!


Come on out and join us for an awesoem show where the entire cast list will be made up of the lovely ladies of FNS, plus we are having a pyjama party, complete with contest for best pj's, so break out your silly, crazy or sexy pyjamas, just keep it street legal! Check out the Facebook event HERE for more details!


We have all your favorite Rocky shenanigans planned, so come on out and have some fun with us!!


What are we going to do this Friday night? The same thing we do every Friday night, try to take over the world!! Ok, well maybe not take over the world, but we are gonna bring you some damn good Rocky Horror fun!

Previous Shows


Thank you to everyone for coming out to to hang with us, and we can't wait to see you all next week!! Until then, check out the show pics

Click HERE to see info on some more of our past shows!